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From Zillow

  • Brad has been absolutely fantastic to work with. He has ‘very’ professionally managed every aspect of the sales process in our absence, as this was a second property for us. He could not possibly have been more responsive. We could not be happier with our decision to work with Brad and highly recommend him to anyone looking for a smooth and easy real estate transaction.


  • Brad has been there to help out with everything in our search for the perfect home. We put in MANY offers and looked at what seemed to be hundreds of houses, but he was very patient and kept us from being discouraged. We don’t know many people in the area and he was more than a great agent, he was also a phenomenal ambassador for South Carolina. We have purchased multiple homes (we do investment properties as well) and have not met ANY agents with the common sense nor mental capacity like Brad. I have and will continue to use him for both our personal and business ventures as well as recommend him to anyone in the market.

From Trulia

  • Brad is a very hardworking, dependable agent. I have used his services for both buying and selling properties. He goes the extra mile to make sure you are not overwhelmed with the process and takes on as much as he can so you don’t have to. I have been thrilled with his service and professionalism and am planning to list my home with him shortly! I won’t use anyone else!

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  • Brad is like a pitbull when he represents a seller. I was a former builder of high end homes, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone as hard working for the seller as Brad. He is extremely professional and thorough. He leaves no stone unturned.


  •  Brad Weaver was very patient with us. Being our first home purchase we hammered him with questions over and over and he always came back with very satisfying answers and detailed explanations. He was also very flexible to meet our schedule. We were really impressed with the amount of work and research Brad did prior to every meeting. He presented us with many options, based off of the criteria we provided. He was able to weed through many non-descriptive and sometimes misleading listings, and only show us properties that met our interest, saving us time and frustration.We highly recommend Brad Weaver’s services. We are sure you will end up with a home you absolutely love, just as we did.


  •  Brad was our agent in finding a home in downtown Charleston. Brad was focused and very responsive. He listened to our interest and developed a list of properties that he believed fit our needs. We refined the list after looking closely at the information and visited approximately 20 homes. Brad never complained or pressured us to make a decision until we found something we liked. He was tireless and very flexible in fitting his schedule to ours to visit properties. I am not in town regularly so hitting those houses had to be fit into some intensive hunting days. When we found the right house – Brad gave opinions as we negotiated but allowed us to make our own decision. Once the final deal – Brad also referred us to a number of people who helped us get vendors to help us get up and running on with our new home. He helped get these done even though his job was done. Great job. Thanks he made a usually stressful job and lot less headache.

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