Hero Discount for my Home Buyers and Sellers

I am offering a discount on my brokerage fees to all service members active or former, law enforcement, EMS, firefighters and teachers.  This applies to those listing their home for sale, or purchasing a home in the Charleston area.

As a former Marine, I appreciate every time a business or service offers me a discount to show their appreciation of my service to my country.  As a Realtor I want to show that same appreciation to my clients.  I am offering 10% of my seller’s side commission back to the home sellers that use me to list their homes in the Charleston area.  This amount will be discounted on the closing statement to them.  So a $5,000 commission becomes $4,500. If  the home seller’s side is $10,000, that is a savings of $1,000.

If you are a home buyer in the Charleston area, I will offer 10% of the buyer’s side commission towards your closing costs. This again will show on the closing statement as a credit to you.  Since I am paid by the seller in nearly all of the transactions this is a great benefit to buyers that few other Realtors will match.

listing a home in Charleston photo

Brad Served as a US Marine from 1989-1995

Please call me to discuss if you are interested.  Brad Weaver-Realtor (843)568-6427