For Real Estate Investors

I work with a number of small investors and landlords to create a profitable portfolio of real estate investments for them.  I have listed and sold multiple family housing all over the Charleston area and have experience in that market. Low income housing or section 8 may not be for everyone, but they can have a very high return on investment if you can find the right one. Investors looking for multi-family housing from a duplex or quadplex, to a small apartment building are great buyers for me.  I have done many mobile home parks in the past and understand them like few agents can. I can answer questions for new investors or first time landlords, and help you to understand what to expect and set realistic financial expectations.

If you are looking to sell an income producing property, then I can assist with that too.  No one wants their tenants to be placed under duress before an offer is even made.  The last thing anyone wants is to lose rent due to a tenants unease or negative perceptions about the upcoming sale of their home.  I attempt to make every attempt at discretion that I can to keep the tenants happy and paying the rent on time.  I will help you to understand the sales process and what records we will need, and how to make the transition easy for everyone.

For those that are interested in taking advantage of this improved housing market to flip-houses, I can help to find those distressed homes and handy man specials in good areas that can give you a great profit margin.  I am experienced in looking at homes and properties that need work and can assist in setting the good homes apart from the bad.  Once they are completed I can assist with the marketing and advertising and shoot for a quick sale and turn around.