Why Move to Charleston?

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As many baby boomers are growing older and looking for somewhere suitable for retirement, Charleston SC seems to be high on the list of possible areas.  I receive many calls from potential buyers looking around various coastal areas and trying to decide which one to choose since their obligations will soon be fulfilled to job and family.  Often times I find myself explaining to people why Charleston is a better pick than Myrtle Beach or Hilton Head, or even other states such as coastal GA or FL.  Here are some of the reasons I give them.

1. The People

First is that Charleston has really welcomed me as someone who moved here.  I first arrived in Charleston in 1999 and now I will never leave.  Being from near Pittsburgh for most of my life, I wasn’t used to how friendly and open people could be.  Yes it is a genuine kindness they show, and beware it is contagious. There is a reason that we win the Friendliest City designation year after year.

2. The History

As far as American cities go we are one of the oldest. Rich in tradition, history, and architecture Charleston keeps history alive through the various museums, attractions, historical tours, preserved plantations, and easements placed on historical buildings so they remain as they were. We are home to Ft Sumter and the opening salvo of the Civil War.  Proud home of the Citadel still rich with military tradition.  Architectural examples from throughout the various eras showcasing amazing designs and building talents line our streets.  Charleston has survived pirates, war, hurricanes, even a major earthquake. No matter what your interest in history is, odds are you will find something here, and can spend years finding more.

3. The Ocean

Nearly everyone young or old can appreciate a great day at the beach.  Charleston has multiple public beaches and even a few private ones for the owners of select properties.  Along with these beaches are 2 piers for fishing or just relaxing.  If you are a boat owner, we have tons of marinas and amazing fishing whether you go off shore or into our inland tidal creeks. The Inter-Coastal Waterway runs along our city and if you long to sail, we have your number.

4. The Weather

If you have been in the north or northeast for most of your life, I would imagine a winter day in the 40 degree mark might sound good.  Snow and ice are a real rarity here.  Summers can be a bit humid but often better than our sister states to the south.  Our ocean waters stay warm well into early fall unlike the west coast, and while we do get an occasional storm, sunny weather seems to be the norm.

5. Entertainment

Look in any magazine rating restaurants and you will probably find at least 2 from Charleston in nearly any list they give. Fine dining, fresh seafood, local favorites, and fresh local produce all add to our dining experience here in Charleston.  Every year we have the Spoleto Festival celebrating the arts through music, dance, poetry and acting. We have farm league baseball and hockey teams. Our various communities celebrate festivals all year long.  You can tour wineries, a tea farm, various gardens and plantations, museums, and even our wonderful aquarium.  Every time you visit down town you may find something new for many years. I highly recommend a carriage or walking tour.

For more information on what is happening now in Charleston, Click Here. If you are interested in Charleston as your new home, or even as a chance for real estate investment please contact me for more information. I would be excited to discuss the potential we hold for you.

Written by Brad Weaver of Brandname Real Estate