Protect Your Credit Score

When applying for a loan your credit score is one of the most important factors that there are. Even if you have always paid on time and never done anything to affect your score negatively, some find their credit adversely affected by factors completely out of their control. Identity theft is one of the fastest growing crimes in the world today, and even if you protect yourself, other entities with your personal information may not be so careful. We all know of major retailers losing credit card information of millions of their clients, the VA lost millions of veteran’s medical records, and more recently a major Blue Cross Blue Shield company lost the personal information of tens of millions of customers. In the state of South Carolina everyone that paid state income taxes had their information compromised just a few short years ago.

Who is responsible for rectifying the damage done by corporate or government negligence? You, the victim, are left accountable. You must deal with the consequences both financially and legally without assistance. My wife and I have been clients of Legalshield for years and have taken advantage of their Identity Theft protection. I have referred multiple clients to them for their reputable legal plan, as well as their very affordable Identity Theft protection plan. As things in this world evolve, so do our needs. I believe in Legalshield and their products, and have for years. I believe that soon everyone will require those same protections that I provide for myself and my family. In an effort to stay ahead of the industry I am very happy to announce that I will now be able to offer Legalshield protection to my clients as a new associate of Legalshield. There are too many benefits to even attempt to list on a blog this size, so please click here   and do the research yourself to see if these programs are a fit for you and your family. If you, your spouse, or your children have already had an incident with and identity thief, then what you find may be priceless.

This will not in any way affect the high level of service I have always strived to give my clients. This is simply adding another tool to my inventory to make my client’s experience and overall quality of life better. I have partnerships with home warranty and termite companies to protect my client’s purchases, and now I am working with Legalshield to protect my clients. Please feel free to contact me as well with any questions.