Roofing Grants Available for SC Residents

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Original Roof estimated to be from 1990

Realtor new home

New roof with arch shingles rated for 130 mph winds

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I used the South Carolina Safe Home program on my own home. I was so impressed with the results that I wanted to repost my original article with some pics of my new roof. We applied for the grant in early September of 2013.  We received our approval in May of 2014. A month later the roof was complete.  As more and more people hear about this program and apply it will continue to affect response times.  Allow yourself a year for the final approval to be given.  If you decide to apply for a grant do not wait until you have a leak.  For our home the roof cost $6,500 and the grant paid for $3,250 of it.  The money went directly to the contractor White House Builders, and they made the process as easy and painless and it could be.  They were very knowledgeable and completed the work when they promised for the price they promised.  I found the entire process to be a great experience and I highly recommend it to anyone in the Charleston area thinking about replacing their roof.  As a Realtor I try offer my clients more than just filling out forms for a sale. If this information was helpful to you please keep me in mind for any future real estate needs you may have. Below is the original article I wrote when we applied for the grant ourselves.


Good news for homeowners in hurricane prone areas!   South Carolina Safe Home program provides grant money to homeowners to make their property more resistant to hurricane and high wind damage.  The grants are administered by the South Carolina Department of Insurance.  Grants for most homes will be 50% matching funds towards the improvements up to $5,000.  Therefore a new architectural shingled roof costing $8,000 could received a grant for 50% or $4,000 to pay for the repairs. The point of the program is to make homes less vulnerable to wind and hurricane damage, thereby reducing insurance claims and reducing costs across the state. The grants are to be used to retrofit owner-occupied single family homes.

To qualify the following criteria must be met:

  • The owner-occupied, single-family residence must be site-built, manufactured, or modular.
  • The residence must have a current valid property tax assessment record and is adequately insured. The assessed value of the building alone can not exceed $300,000.
  • Local permits and inspections are required as set forth by the governing municipality or county where the residence is located and must be secured prior to the implementation of any improvements. All building codes will be enforced by the local building service departments to ensure the safety and welfare of the residents and all projects are subject to random re-inspections.
  • Recommended improvements must be made by the grant reimbursement deadline which is within six months of the date of the grant award notification letter.
  • A completed wind certification inspection must be submitted with the grant application. The wind inspection must be performed and signed by a certified wind mitigation inspector.

Low income homeowners may qualify for more. Low income applicants can qualify for non-matching funds up to $5,000.  In other words, they will get up to the first $5,000 paid by the state, with no expense from the homeowners pocket.  To qualify for low-income the home must have an assessed value of less than $150,000 and a total annual adjusted gross income of 80% or less of the county medial annual adjusted gross income.

All homes must be under $300,000 in value and be the primary residence.  Second homes, vacation properties, and investment properties do not qualify.  To apply you must have the home inspected by a certified wind inspector and submit the report with the application for the grant.

If you are a homeowner with an older roof and have been contemplating a new roof with architectural shingles, this program may be for you.  All information was taken from the official website at  Please visit the  site for more information.