Home Town Heroes Program for our Local Civil Servants

Last summer I introduced a program to Charleston area military, firefighters, police, teachers, and medical professionals. I would personally give 10% of my commission as a rebate to the local civil servants of the Charleston area as a way to give back to those that give so much for us.  I have decided to revisit that program due to the raising interest in home ownership by first time homebuyers, and recent interest shown in the program by current clients. 

Under this program qualifying buyers or sellers would get a rebate from my commission equalling 10% of what I make on the sale.  So if my commission is $5,000, my client would receive $500 either as paid closing costs for the buyer, or a reduction of the paid commission for the seller. This can be a huge benefit in an economy where every penny counts.

This program is not sponsored by any organization and is not part of a larger program.  This is simply me as a Realtor doing what I feel is my part to help those that deserve a break.  I was a Marine and a volunteer firefighter.  I know that most people serve because of passion and sense of duty, not because of the amazing pay and benefits. I think anything that we as a society can do to show appreciation, specifically by deed, is important.

Since the program is my own and I decide what professions qualify, feel free to contact me and we can discuss what you do and how we can make the program fit. I recently gave it to a physical therapist I assisted in buying a new home. Also my wife works in the mental health field and I am always open to consider those that serve in that area as well. Also from time to time lenders, closing attorneys, or other such professionals will join me on this effort.  Combined we may be able to save you thousands.  Let me know if I can help you.